Library and Bookstore Haul

Welcome (or welcome back) to my blog! Today’s post is a bookstore and library haul, as you probably saw from the title! On Thursday, I went to the library with my sister and then yesterday we went to a nice used bookstore near us! I got some pretty great books, so I decided to do a haul!

Library Books

I got this because I want to learn some more blogging tips. It’s actually eight mini books in one, so I’ve been skipping around in it and reading parts that looked interesting! I was debating on getting a photography book, but I decided to get this one instead. I’ve been messing around with my camera and learning different features and cool modes on it. Hopefully I’ll be able to upload them to the computer and share them with you guys!
My sister read this series, and she really loved it, so now I’m reading it. This is the second book in the series. The first book is A Curse so Dark and Lonely, which I actually did a book review on. I’m looking forward to reading this book a lot, because I really enjoyed the first one!
Here’s the third book in the series. I was just going to get the second one, but my sister said that I would regret it (I guess there’s a big plot twist at the end of it or something), so I got this one too!
I already read this book last year, but I thought that it was time for a re-read! I remember liking it a lot when I read it the first time. Let’s see if it’s as good as I remember!
This is the last book I got at the library. I got it because I really liked Five Feet Apart which was written by the same authors. I don’t know if I’ll like this one as much, though. Let’s see!

So, the limit at my library is five books. I don’t know if I’ll be able to read all of these by the time I have to return them though, because I’m still in the middle of reading The Fellowship of the Ring. It’s definitely a slow book, but I am actually liking it a lot!

Bookstore Books

I’ve already listened to this book, but I wanted to get it, in case I ever want to re-read it, or if my sister wants to read it.
Another Kasie West (all the ones from the bookstore are Kasie West’s books)! I also read this, but again, I might want to re-read it or something.
This Kasie West one, I never read. I’m excited to read it, but it’ll probably be after I finish all the library ones!
This one looked really cute, it’s also one I haven’t read.

I love Kasie West’s books; they are so cute, and they are pretty quick reads. I like how all her books have the people on them, but you just can’t see their faces! It’s the total opposite of the ones that have close ups of their faces.

I hope you liked this book haul! Please tell me if there are any posts you would like to see in the comments! Have an amazing day!


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