Things I Want To Do This Fall

Hello, hello, hello! Happy October, and welcome back to my blog! ☺️

As you read from the title of this post, today I’ll be sharing some things I want to do this fall! It’s going to be sort of like a fall bucket list!

Here we go!

πŸ‚ Drink a pumpkin spice latte

I’ve never had one, because I didn’t used to like coffee, but I’ve been drinking more coffee lately! (Especially iced coffee!) Pumpkin spice lattes sound so good! My mom also said that it’s similar to chai, and I really love that, so I definitely want to try one!

πŸ‚ Thrift some cute fall sweaters, and dresses

Thrift shopping is so fun, and I need some more sweaters and dresses for the cooler weather! Do you guys enjoy thrift shopping?

πŸ‚ Go on a hike

I really enjoy hiking, but I feel like my family is just so busy in the summer, plus it’s very hot! I hope to go on some hikes this autumn.

πŸ‚ Make these pumpkin bars

They look so yummy and fallish! I hope that I can make them sometime soon! I am excited to try a new recipe out!

πŸ‚ Bake some fall themed cupcakes

I used to bake a lot of cupcakes (mostly during the quarantine, I think, because we were stuck at home) but I haven’t made a lot recently. I want to make some fall themed cupcakes, though. I would love it if you guys could give me some ideas of what flavor they should be in the comments!

πŸ‚ Make caramel apples

I love how so many of these are about food! πŸ˜„ But, yes, I really want to make caramel apples this year! I’ve wanted to make them for the past year or two, but just never got around to it. Hopefully, I can this year!

πŸ‚ Finish “The Return of the King” by J.R.R. Tolkien

I’ve been working on this series for a long time, and I’m now about halfway through “The Return of the King.” I’m really getting into it, which makes my sister happy, because she is a massive LOTR fan. I think I’ll finish it in October.

πŸ‚ Take some pictures outside

Some beautiful fall photography!! 🍁 The leaves are starting to change colors, and it just looks so lovely.

πŸ‚ Donate to Warm Up America

I heard about their organization a while ago, and I’m always thinking “I should donate some crocheted things sometime” but I never really get around to it. I think that autumn is a good time to donate to them, because winter’s coming up, and people will need warm blankets, hats and scarves for those colder months. Autumn’s also a time I think about all the things I’m grateful for in my life, which leads me to think about those people that don’t have all the things I do.

πŸ‚ Finish a knit project

I actually made a knit pumpkin a few days ago, which I’m really proud of, because it was my first knit project! I want to practice knitting more this fall and winter, and I hope to find and make a cute pattern! Check out this post of BetsyJane’s if you are thinking about learning to knitting!

πŸ‚ Start on Christmas gifts early

I usually crochet a lot of gifts for my family and friends. But, most times, I wait until the last minute, then I’m trying to finish crocheting gifts the night before Christmas. I want to plan my gifts more in advance, and start on them earlier.

πŸ‚ Start a gratitude jar

I think that this sounds like a really nice idea! I feel like, sometimes, we focus too much on all the negativity in life. A gratitude jar sounds like a good idea to think about and acknowledge all of the blessing in my life!

πŸ‚ Post weekly on my other blog

I Have not been very consistent on there, and I’m going to resolve to post once a week!

How’s your autumn going so far? What do you want to do this fall? I’d love to chat in the comments!

That’s it for today’s post! I hope everyone’s having an amazing Monday!

See y’all on Thursday!

~ Rebekah


10 Random Things I Love β€

Hey, how are you doing? I hope you are having a wonderful day, and if you aren’t, I hope this post gives you some joy! Thank you so much for 30 followers!!!!! It means a lot to me that 30 people are interested in my posts!! And, as I said in my Autumn Aesthetic post, I’m going to be doing an “About me” type post today!!

For today’s post, I’m going to be making a post with just random things I love! But it’s not just going to be reading or crocheting. Because those aren’t random! They’re just going to be little things. Some will be more random than others.

Things I Love! ❀️

1: Rainy days!

I love when it’s raining! I know a lot of people don’t, because they think it’s gross and cold and miserable outside, but I just love it! You can sit inside and curl up on the couch with a nice book and a cup of tea.

Photo by Markus Spiske on

2: Ice cream!

Who doesn’t love ice cream? It’s so delicious! I don’t really think I need an explanation for this one…

Photo by Maria Orlova on

3: Floppy paperbacks!

Do you ever have a paperback book, and it’s just so stiff and you can’t keep it open good? This is why I love floppy paperbacks! They’re just so nice because you can just open the book, set it on the table, and it’ll stay open! If a non-reader was reading this they’d probably think I was crazy…😁

Photo by Vlada Karpovich on

4: Blue!

I love the color blue!!! It’s my favorite!

Photo by Zaksheuskaya on

5: Autumn candles!

I love when it’s just starting to get chilly outside, and you can start burning candles with scents like: “Pumpkin spice”, “Apple pie”, “Crisp fall leaves”, or “Sweater weather”. (I don’t know what that would smell like, but I do know that I’ve seen it somewhere before!)

Photo by Ioana Motoc on

6: Converse!

I have to be honest with you: I’ve never owned a pair of converse before. I don’t even think that I’ve worn any before! But, I just love how they look! They are so cute, and I want to get some sometime!!

Photo by Valeriia Miller on

7: Braids!

My favorite way to have my hair is probably a braid. I love trying different types, such as dutch braids, french braids, regular braids, four-strand braids, and more! I love braiding hair, and I like when my hair is in a braid.

8: Awesome comments!

Thanks so much for the awesome comments on my posts! I love when I go on there and see that one of my followers left a kind or helpful comment!!!!!!

9: Summer!

Summer is my favorite season! I love the warm weather, swimming, running in the heat (I know it sounds weird), and everything related to summer (watermelon, air conditioning, sunflowers, camping, picnics, the summer aesthetic, and the sun). Well, everything except bugs…😬

Photo by Ylanite Koppens on

10: School

Some people (my family mostly) think that I’m crazy because I actually enjoy doing some school. I love English, history, and math. 😊 Science is one of my least favorites.

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I hope you liked this post!!! Thanks again for 30 followers! ❀ Have a great rest of your week!!!!! On Saturday, I’ll probably have a blogging tips post or a monthly wrap up…I don’t know which one yet!