Hey guys! Here’s my chat page! If you want to talk to me or other bloggers, feel free to comment! I’d love to talk and get to know some of you bloggers better!!

Just remember to keep the comments clean, with no swearing, and remember to be nice, and try not to offend anyone. I will edit or delete any comments that don’t align with these rules.

Okay, bye! ☺

~ Rebekah

31 thoughts on “Chat

      1. Some of my hobbies are crocheting, reading, writing, and photography! How do you make the stuffed animals? Do you sew them? I also like drawing, but I’m not very good at it.

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      2. I like taking pictures of animals a lot, especially my cat! I try to take pictures of our dogs all the time, but they never stay still! 😄 I’ve also learned of macro photography recently, and I’ve been doing that a lot lately!

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