Children’s Books That Always Make My Mom Cry

Hello everyone! How’s your Saturday going so far?

For today’s blog post, as you probably saw from the title, I’m talking about different children’s books that make my mom cry. She was the one who actually suggested I do this, for her birthday! Thanks for the suggestion, Mom. Love you!

Okay, let’s get into it!

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The Velventeen Rabbit

I don’t actually remember how this book ends, because the last time I read it was quite a while ago. My mom always cries to it, though. There are some books that I believe anyone can enjoy and read, not just children, and I think that this is one of them.

The Tale Of Three Trees

My mom was reading this book to some of my younger siblings a little while ago, and I actually cried a little bit. I think that it is really interesting and inspiring in the fact that their wishes came true, but in a very unexpected way that they never would have thought of. I also really love the illustrations!

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

I really like this book! It’s very funny in some instances, but thoughtful in others, and I love the heartwarming way that it ends! This is one my family reads (or at least tries to) every Christmas!

The Little Fir Tree

We lost the cover to this book, so I turned to the title of the book on the front page. I don’t really remember it that much, but I have a general idea. From what I remember, it ends pretty happily and touching!

The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes

This is a great story! I haven’t read it in a long time, so it’s kind of foggy in my memory. I do remember loving this book, though! It’s a great Easter read, and not just for children!

The Little Prince

I know we have a copy of this book, but I couldn’t find it. I’ve never actually read it, but I did watch the movie a while ago, which was good, but I don’t know how different it is from the book.

The Selfish Giant

I just read this story for the first time a few days ago, and I think it had such a bitter-sweet ending! It definitely had powerful message and I really like the pictures in it as well. It’s not actually a book, just a story, and it was one of the stories in a book we own called “The Children’s Book of Faith”.

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I hope everyone liked today’s post! Thanks for reading! I’m probably going to be posting a springtime aesthetic on Wednesday. (I know: I always say that I’m going to be doing these different posts, but they never end up happening 😂.)

Thanks again, Mom, for the post idea! 💖

Have you read any of these books? Do you cry to them? Are there any children’s books that make you cry every time you read them? I’d love to chat in the comments!

~ Rebekah