Organizing My Yarn/Crochet Shelf

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a good week so far! Yesterday, I cleaned up and organized my yarn shelf, and I took some photos, so I thought that this would make a good post for today!! 😃

Okay, so this is how it looked like before I cleaned it. It definitely needs to be organized and cleaned up a bit. There are boxes of yarn, and projects I’m working on everywhere, so…yeah. 😬 I just organized it a bit ago. I don’t know how it got so messy so quick!
Here’s the top shelf. It’s not too bad, but it definitely needs to be neatened up a little bit.
Here’s the middle shelf. There are some crochet and knitting books on the left, a crochet bag, and then some yarn on the right.
Here’s the bottom shelf. There’s just some random yarn, and some projects I’m working on.
Here are a few boxes full of yarn and projects I’m currently working on, sitting on the floor.
Okay, so I gathered up all of my yarn and used my yarn winder to make them neater. Here’s all of the yarn I have! It’s actually not as much as I thought!
Here is the top shelf after I organized and cleaned it up! There’s a mug of crochet hooks on the left, with a frontline hero bear I made behind it (here’s the pattern), and then, there’s a little container thingy with drawers, where I store my keychains and stitch markers, and I put a little crochet octopus on top (here is the pattern!). Then, I have a tile, and a little crochet rabbit (pattern here.)
Here’s the right side of this shelf. I have two containers, the one on the left side with stitch markers, safety pins, and a few other things. I also have a little crochet jellyfish sitting on top (pattern for it here). I have a little display with the date, which I just got at dollar tree, and then, the container on the right has some buttons, as well as crochet thread.
Here’s the middle shelf! On the left are all of my crochet books, and a few about knitting, and most of my yarn is on the right!!
And, here’s the bottom shelf! On the left, I have a crochet bag with some more yarn, which I’m using to make a blanket right now, in the box in the middle is some yarn that I share with my sister, and on the right, I’m storing some of the projects I’m currently working on!
Haha, here’s all the yarn tangles I had to throw away. 😅 I don’t have much patience with untangling yarn…
And, here’s the finished shelf!! I definitely think that it looks better now!!

────── ♡ ──────

I hope you liked today’s post!! Thanks for reading! I’ll see you guys on Saturday!! Bye!

~ Rebekah