A Fall Poem

Hello everybody! I hope your day is going well so far! 😃

So, I wrote my monthly wrap-up yesterday, and I thought I was supposed to post it today. But, when I looked at my calendar, I’d written that that post would go live on the 31st of October, so I didn’t have a post for today.

No worries, though! I was looking through some old posts from when I first started my blog, and I stumbled upon a fallish poem. And, what better time to re-share it than now, in the middle of autumn?

Just be aware that I wrote this poem when I was about nine, and I don’t know a lot about poem writing, so it’s not the best. But, I do like it, and I thought I’d share it! Enjoy!

Fall Poem by Rebekah

Leaves are falling all around,

Leaves are falling on the ground,

The leaves turn yellow, red, and brown,

As they all tumble down.

The trees are pretty with their colorful leaves,

Such a beautiful picture to receive.

The firs and pines are lovely too,

Next to the maples with their golden hue.

Fall looks like a picture from a book;

It’s so pretty you just have to look.

The most gorgeous time of the year is fall,

When the leaves dance up and down like they’re having a ball.

How did you like it? How is your fall going so far? I’d love to chat in the comments!

Thank you for reading! I’ll see y’all next week with a monthly wrap-up for October! Bye for now!

~ Rebekah