Crochet Projects I’m Working On

Hey, everybody! Welcome, or welcome back, to my blog! I’m here with a crochet-related post today! I’ll be going through my crochet WIPs (works in progress) because they were a little unorganized, and I haven’t gone through them in a while! 😄 I’m sure I’ll find some things I totally forgot about!

So, let’s dive right in!

Here is the bin on the shelf. It doesn’t look too unorganized, but when I looked inside, it was pretty messy!
Yeah. You can see some of the projects, and the yarn tangles, too! 😬
Here’s the first thing I pulled out of the bin. It’s just a necklace-type thing I made. The only thing I had left to do was weave in the ends!
Here’s a hat I just made recently! It just needs the ends to be weaved in, now! (I have a feeling that that will be what the majority of these projects will be like!)
I don’t even remember what this was going to be…I might just unravel it and use the yarn for something else! 😄
Next, a little pouch! I just have to weave in the ends and maybe sew a little button on the front!
A cute little baby bonnet! I think it’s so cute! I just have to weave in the ends!
This isn’t really a project, but it is a Tunisian crochet swatch I was working on!
I kinda forgot about this one! It’s the blanket to a lovey I was working on! I’ll be going to the store soon to find yarn to finish the head! (My yarn stash is actually surprisingly low!)
I’ll be working on this one more, soon! It’s a blanket I started last winter (which I kinda forgot about), but then spring and summer came, and I didn’t really want to crochet it, because the yarn’s very warm and I wanted to work on some more summery projects! I’m going to try to find the pattern I was following (I can’t quite remember what stitch I used for it) and finish it this winter!
Here’s a headband I was working on. I just need to sew this little heart onto it, and weave in all the ends! I think that this yarn looks so fallish!
This is a cute little shawl I was working on, but I don’t remember the pattern, so I’ll probably unravel this and re-use the yarn.
A baby shoe! I don’t think I have any more of this yarn, though, and I only made one shoe, sooo…I’ll most likely be unraveling it to reuse the yarn.
Another Tunisian swatch!
This was a veil I was working on to wear to Mass, but I don’t like how the top is looking, so I might unravel it and try to redo it!
I don’t remember what this was going to be, lol. I will probably unravel this as well, and use the yarn! It’s a nice soft, velvety yarn!

That’s all for this post! Would you like to see more crochet-related posts? How many crochet projects are you working on right now? I’d love to chat in the comments! I’ll see everyone on Thursday! I hope you have an awesome week!

~ Rebekah