I Need Some Post Ideas!

Hello everybody! I hope your week is going well! I’m pretty good, but I did get sick on Monday. 😕 I’m feeling a bit better now, though.

So, I’ve been in a bit of a blogging slump lately. I haven’t had a lot of ideas, so please give me some post ideas in the comments! I do know I have a lot of tags to get caught up on, so you might see quite a few of those for my next few posts. 😄 If you have anything you really want to see on my blog, now is your chance to tell me! I will also have a crochet pattern coming on Monday, so keep a lookout for that! Okay, don’t forget to give me any ideas in the comments if you have any! I didn’t feel like writing a full blog post today, as I’m still getting over my sickness, so this is all for this post! Have a lovely weekend!

~ Rebekah


13 thoughts on “I Need Some Post Ideas!

  1. I am thinking of a post where you show things you have crocheted but each thing has a similarity to a book?
    For example: A hat, and then you show the book “Cat in the Hat”
    I hope that makes sense.😂
    Anyway, I hope you get better! 😁

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