Taking a Short Break + Ask Me Some Questions

Hey everybody! I hope you’re having an amazing day, and I hope you had a great week! ❀️😊

So, for the next couple of weeks, I’ll be taking a short break, because I’m going to be visiting family! I’ll be back mid-August with some amazing posts!

For now, I’d love it if you could ask me some questions! I’ll answer them when I get back! If there are any I don’t feel comfortable answering, though, I won’t. Looking forward to all of your questions!

Okay, that’s all for now! πŸ˜ƒ I don’t know if I’ll be checking my notifications much, but I might reply to a few comments. I also don’t know how much of y’all’s posts I’ll be able to read, because I want to spend as much of the time as I can visiting. When I get back, though, I will definitely catch up on y’all’s posts, and check my notifications!

Okay, thanks for reading! Remember to ask some questions! Bye! ☺️

~ Rebekah


8 thoughts on “Taking a Short Break + Ask Me Some Questions

  1. hope you have a good break! here are some questions:

    1. have you ever been out of the U.S.? if so where did you go?
    2. do you have any pets? (you may have answered this question before i just can’t remember lol)
    3. what’s your favorite hobby?
    4. if you could live anywhere you wanted in the world where would you go and why?
    5. any college/future plans?!

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  2. maggie

    Hey Rebekah! I hope you enjoy visiting family! Here are some questions for you!

    1. Would you rather visit a library or a bookstore?
    2. What’s your favorite savannah animal?
    3. What are a few countries you’d love to visit?
    4. Do you prefer lemonade or tea?
    5. What were some of your favorite games to play when you were little?
    6. How would you describe your art/decorating style?
    7. Do you prefer drawing or painting?

    Can’t wait to read your answers!

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