My One Year Blogiversary 🥳 // Comment Some Assumptions // Blog Redesign

Guys!! Guess what?!?! Well, you probably saw from the title: I’m celebrating my one year blogiversary! (Blog + anniversary) 🥳🥳 Books and Hooks is one year old!

I’m so happy to have this blog and to be in this wonderful community of bloggers. Everybody’s so kind and amazing! Thank you! I have had so much fun this past year with my blog! I think that blogging is an amazing way for me to share things about my different hobbies with people, and to talk about my thoughts! I totally love blogging, and plan to continue doing it through the next few years! ❤

Here are the stats on my blog from the past year:

Total followers: 126

Total published posts: 84

Total comments: 670

Total likes: 1,212

Total visitors: 1,419

Total views: 4,507

To celebrate, I thought I would ask you guys to submit some assumptions you have about me! Please comment them down below and I will react to them in a separate post! If there is one that I don’t feel comfortable with, I am not going to include it in the post.

Also, if you’re reading this on my blog (not in WordPress reader), you might have noticed that I have a new theme, new colors, new headers, and everything!! I just felt like my blog needed a change! I also created a new blog button, so if you’ve swapped with me, you can update it on your blog if you like! 😀

I’m also going to be having a new posting schedule, starting next week: I’ll be posting twice a week again, on Monday and Thursday!

Thanks again to everyone who has been kind, and commented or liked my posts! I really love the blogging community, and I think that you’re all amazing! 🥰

Thanks for reading today’s post! Remember to comment with any assumptions you have of me! I hope you have an amazing day, and I’ll see you guys soon! 💕🙂

~ Rebekah


18 thoughts on “My One Year Blogiversary 🥳 // Comment Some Assumptions // Blog Redesign

    1. Thanks! Hmmm…I don’t really know. I interacted on other’s blogs a lot (commenting and liking their posts) and I did some collabs and tags, which I think really help blogs get noticed. I also have a page with my blog button, so I can swap with other bloggers, which I think helps a lot!


      1. I made mine on Canva! I think that it’s a really great site because it’s free, and really easy to use! Then, I created a new page for my blog, and I swap buttons with different bloggers! Living the Blogging Life (a blog that shares amazing blogging tips and tricks) shared an amazing post on how to made and share blog buttons: Hope this helps! ☺

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  1. Congrats! I love your blog so much! Keep having fun!❤️
    As for the assumptions…
    You enjoy road trips
    You like to hang out with friends often
    You like Mac and cheese over pizza
    Those were random lol

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  2. maggie

    ahh congrats rebekah!! so happy for you! 😍🎉
    i’ll have to check out the new theme on my laptop, but from what i can see on my phone so far, it looks amazing! love the new post graphics! 💕
    hmm some assumptions:
    you love puppies and kittens!
    you like neutral color palettes
    you’d love to go canoeing
    you’re more of a saver than a spender
    you like butterflies
    can’t wait to read your answers! 🥰

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