Bookish This or That

Hello!! Today, I’m here with a bookish this or that!!

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Hardbacks or paperbacks?

I love both of them for different reasons. Paperbacks are easier to read when you’re laying down, and they are just lighter and smaller. But, hardbacks are awesome too! They look nicer in my opinion, and it’s harder to break the spine on it. Hardbacks are also more durable too, so I’d choose hardbacks!

Reading in the morning, or at night?

I don’t really care, to be honest. I just read when I feel like it, but I do tend to get more reading done at night, because in the morning I have school.

Background noise or silence?

I’m someone who doesn’t mind background noise when I’m reading, probably because of my siblings, who can be pretty noisy! I usually like listening to music too, but silence is also good. Overall, I’d probably choose silence.

E-book or printed book?

Printed book!

Read outside or inside?

I love to read outside as long as it’s nice weather!

Library or bookstore?

I love going to the bookstore, and actually owning books, but I find myself going to the library more!

Read a book really quickly, or take it slow and steady?

I read some books quicker (like any Kasie West novel) but there are others that take me a while. I think, though, if I had to choose, I’d pick quicker.

Standalone book or a series?

I love standalone books because they are quicker, and you don’t have to commit to reading a whole series, but I just love series! They can be so great, because it feels like you’re going through so much with the characters, and you get to know the characters more!

Fantasy or contemporary?

I love both, but I’d choose contemporary!

Mood reader or planned TBR?

I have some books I want to read, but not a planned tbr. I just read what I feel like!!

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Thanks for reading! If you want to ask any bookish this or that questions ask them in the comments, and me or other bloggers can answer!! I’d also love to know how you’d answer these questions in the comments!

Okay, have a great rest of your weekend!!

~ Rebekah