Thank You For 50 Followers!

Hello, welcome back to my blog! I hope your week is going good so far! I’m doing okay; I got sick on Sunday, but I’m feeling a bit better now.

Anyways, when I started this blog, I never thought I would get 50 followers, but here I am! Thank you so much! I have 47 blog followers, and 5 email followers now, and I’m so grateful to everyone who has followed me, liked my posts, or commented on various posts of mine!

To celebrate, I decided to do a Q&A! I never did anything like this before, but I thought that it would be a fun thing! So, if you have any questions, just ask them in the comments, and I’ll do another post where I’ll answer them soon!

So, just comment any questions, and I’ll probably answer them next Saturday, depending on how many people comment before then!

Bye!!! ☺



34 thoughts on “Thank You For 50 Followers!

  1. Congrats on fifty followers! Here are some questions!
    What is your favorite thing to do with your free time?
    If you could have any animal as a pet, what animal would you choose?
    What is your favorite holiday?

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      1. Ok!! Thanks, just wanted to follow you if you did! 🙂 If you ever get the chance to, I totally recommend getting Goodreads tho! (it increases your to-read list by 100 every month so.. XD)

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      2. Haha, in response to your comment about good reads increasing your TBR list by 100 every month:
        I was debating about getting it and I read a review that said this:
        “The only complaint I have (which actually isn’t a real complaint) is that every time I click on this app, I find a million more books I want to read and there’s no way I can read them all in my lifetime”

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      3. XD Yes! It’s helpful because I can find clean books, but the downside is that most of the clean books are self-published, which means I need to buy them to read them! lol And also finding tons of books! But it’s good because I love reading and I would run out of books very quickly without it though!
        So totally get it if you need more recommendations! (and if you do, let me know so I can follow you! And recommend tons of books to you! lol)

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  2. Congrats on 50 followers! That’s an accomplishment!!!
    1) What is your favorite part about blogging?
    2) What is your favorite thing you have crocheted?
    3)Are you an animal person?

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  3. congrats! 🙂 i’m new here, but I love your blog! here are a few questions:
    -when is your birthday?
    -favorite thing about 2021?
    -what is the first thing you look for in a person?
    -what would a perfect day look like for you?

    hope you like them! looking forward to your answers 😊

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