Love, Life, and the List by Kasie West Book Review (Spoilers!!)

“Nobody else’s opinion about..[you]…is going to matter to you until yours does.”

–Kasie West

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a great day and weekend so far!! Today’s post is a book review for a book I recently read, called Love, Life, and the List. It’s by Kasie West (one of my favorite contemporary authors!) and is a YA contemporary novel.

I told you guys that I got it in my Library and Bookstore Haul post, and I finished it in less than a day! I finished it last Saturday, and I loved it! I rated it 5/5 stars, and I think it was one of my favorites of Kasie West’s books! Okay, now for the review!!

Beware! This review will have SPOILERS!! If you haven’t read this book, don’t read any further or you’ll be spoiled for the whole book and the ending! Okay, I warned you. Also, I’m not going to give a full synopsis on the book, because I’m assuming you’ve read the book if you are reading this!!

This is a book about Abby Turner, who’s a sixteen year old girl who loves art! She wants to get into this art show, and she was expecting to get in, but she doesn’t, because her paintings have no “heart”. Now, she has to re-think her whole summer.

She makes this list to do this month to make her art better! They are things like face a fear, fall in love, or have her heart broken. Besides her art, there is another point in this book. And that’s: she is in love with her friend, Cooper.

She has loved Cooper for a while, but he didn’t feel the same when she confessed her love for him a few years ago.

“Art is subjective, that’s what makes it great,” I said. “We each get to love or hate something on our own terms.”

–Kasie West

I loved this book!!! It was so sweet, but also had some drama. I loved the story, the characters, and the writing was very well too! I also think that there were a lot of great quotes in this book!! I’m going to try to get my sister to read it too, but it might take her a long time because she has a lot of other books she’s wanting to read.

“That we can only control ourselves. No matter how much we wish we could twist and bend someone’s will to ours, they have to want it too.”

–Kasie West

I like this story. How it’s not just about the romance between Cooper and Abby, but it’s also about her art and how she realizes that–to change her art–she has to first be willing to change herself!!

The characters are really defined. I can definitely tell who’s talking and I just know what decision one of the characters would make because it feels like I know them. But one thing I didn’t like about it is I feel like Kasie West didn’t add much description. I feel like it didn’t really say what each of the characters looked like.

Something you should know about me is that I don’t forgive book characters easily. If one of them does something mean to the other, I don’t like that character for a long time–if ever! So, I was really mad (I mean REALLY mad) when Cooper “forgot” about her art show. She did all this stuff and he didn’t even show up!!!!

I mean, I guess it wasn’t really his fault because he thought it was Saturday or something, but I felt soooo bad for Abby at that point that I didn’t even care! I may or may have not cried at that point…anyways, I have probably forgiven him by the end, but I can never forget how much I felt bad for Abby at the part where he forgot about the art show.

Okay, so I hope you liked this book review/rant!! It was a really fun post to write! Have an awesome rest of your weekend!! Bye!!!! (I don’t know why I like using exclamation points so much. 🤷) Okay, actually bye this time!!!