2021 Crocheter’s Bingo!

Hey everyone! Hope you liked my last post! For today, I’m going to be posting a crochet bingo that I made! You can screenshot this and do it.

Yay! I got a bingo!

#1: Crocheted a granny square project ✔ Yep, I made a little baby blanket for one of my cousins out of different granny squares for Christmas.

#2: Used a material you don’t usually use ✖️ Nope. I usually just use acrylic, polyester, or cotton yarn.

#3: Organized stash ✖️ I haven’t gotten to that yet, but I’ll be organizing my yarn and finished projects once my room is all organized and my dad finishes the flooring.

#4: Created a pattern ✔ Yes! I made the Crochet Couch Pocket Pattern, which I posted on my blog. I made a few others that I didn’t post on my blog.

#5: Made any holiday related pattern ✔ I made a few things for Easter.

#6: Crocheted a gift for someone ✔ I made a gift for my sister’s birthday, for my brother’s birthday, and I’ve started a few Christmas gifts!

#7: Frogged a project ✖️ No, I don’t think so. If you don’t know, frogging a project is ripping it all out after you’ve crocheted a little bit.

#8: Finished a project from 2020 ✔ There are just a few things that I started last year, and finished this year. Most of them were crocheted probably in January or February.

#9: Made a clothing item ✔ Yep, I made a few tops and a cardigan this year!

#10: Used lace weight yarn ✔ Yep, I made a bookmark for my mom for mother’s day!

#11: Mastered a new stitch ✖️ I have tried a few new stitches this year, but I wouldn’t say I mastered them.

#12: Stayed up too late crocheting ✖️ Not this year. But last year, the night before Christmas, I stayed up until about midnight finishing crocheted gifts. I share a room with my sister, and she wanted to go to bed, so I had to try to crochet without any light!

#13: Free space! ✔

#14: Crocheted a stash buster project ✖️ A stash busting project is a crochet project that uses up a lot of yarn. I don’t think that I made any this year, but last year (when my yarn stash was out of control) I made a blanket with different stripes of colors.

#15: Bought more yarn that you didn’t need ✔ What crocheter doesn’t!  😂

#16: Taught someone to crochet  ✔ I taught some of my little siblings to crochet.

#17: Sold an item ✔ Yep. A little while ago, I sold a baby hat to my aunt who just had a baby.

#18: Bought a crochet item ✖️ I just always search for free crochet patterns to use.

#19: Made a design from a movie/tv show/book ✖️ Not yet. But when I get more yarn, I might make that cowl that Katniss wore in Catching Fire.

#20: Thrown away tangled yarn ✔ Yes. When it is hopelessly tangles, I just throw it away. I don’t have the patience to untangle it!

#21: Listened to a crochet podcast ✔ Yes, I listen to The BHooked Podcast sometimes. I would recommend it to anyone who likes to knit or crochet. It’s a good thing to do while crocheting, too!

#22: Made your first ever… ✔ If you don’t get what this space means, it means that you made your first ever thing. So, if you made your first ever blanket this year, you could check it off! I made my first ever top this year!

#23: Went to a crochet class ✖️ No, I just learn to crochet from watching YouTube or finding blog posts about it.

#24: Started holiday gifts before August ✖️ No. I started some in August, but not before. I did start to plan out what I would make for different people before then, but I didn’t start them yet.

#25: Used your favorite yarn ✔ Yes! I love the Roll With it Tweed Yarn! I actually just finished designing a project with it, and I hope to post the pattern on Wednesday!

I hope you like my bingo! I had a fun time creating it!


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