Monthly Wrap Up: August 2021

It’s already September! Oh my gosh! It’s almost fall already. I can’t believe it. This month went by so fast. Anyways, here’s the review!


  1. Emerald green by Kerstin Gier. This is the third and last book in the Ruby Red trilogy. I liked this book, but stuff with time traveling is always so complicated. Anyways, (this will spoil stuff for the last books) Gwen has suspicions that Count Saint-German is up to something, but no one will believe her. And nothing has been going right lately, especially when she found out that Gideon didn’t really love her. This starts back right after Sapphire Blue. 5/5 stars!
  2. On the fence by Kasie West. I love all of Kasey West’s book, and this is no exception. Charlie has to find a job to pay off a speeding ticket, but the store she begins to work at sells clothes, and Charlie knows nothing about any of it, as she grew up with three older brothers, and their friend, Braden, who she considers her fourth brother. Everything is stressful with her new job, spending time with strangers, and she even starts to date a boy who doesn’t know that much about her. So, one night, she goes outside to the fence, and has a conversation with the neighbor, Braden. He might be able to help her with the stress of her new job, but she can’t tell him one of the biggest things that she’s stressing out about: she’s falling in love with him. 5/5 stars!
  3. Red queen by Victoria Aveyard is a fantasy book about people who are separated by blood. The silvers are powerful and they even have deadly powers, where the reds just work as servants. Mare is one of the reds, and everything in her future will be bad, until she finds herself working in the silver palace, where she finds out that she has a deadly power. Oh my gosh, the ending! 5/5 stars!
  4. The wrath and the dawn by Renée Ahdieh. This is a YA fantasy book about a prince who takes a new wife every night, and she’s dead every morning before sunrise. Shahrzad volunteers to be his bride, only because she wants revenge. Her best friend, Shiva, died as one of his brides. This book was a little hard to get into, but once I got a few chapters in, I couldn’t stop reading it! 5/5 stars!
  5. Instructions for dancing by Nicola Yoon. Evie is the main character and she has the ability to see how people’s relationships started…and how they’ll end. She doesn’t believe in love. Her parents are divorced, and now that she sees how relationships end, she’s even more convinced. I loved it, but the bittersweet ending! 5/5 stars!
  6. Looking backward by Edward Bellamy. This is a book I had to read for my English class, because I am studying utopian literature. This is about Mr. West, who falls asleep in 1887 and he wakes up in 2000, in a utopian society. I didn’t like this book (I found it boring and unbelievable) so I rated it 2/5 stars.
  7. The distance between us by Kasie West. Another Kasie West book! I loved this one just as much as all her other ones. Caymen and her mother own a doll store. She knows that all rich people are good for is is buying stuff. And Xander is super rich. But as Caymen gets to know him better, she finds out that he knows her better than most people do, and he keeps coming back, as much as Caymen tries to get him to go. 5/5 stars!


I have run everyday so far, but I don’t think I’ll be able to keep it up because I’m going to be traveling a bit. I’m actually writing this on Aug 19, but I’ll schedule it to post on the first of Sep.


I’m about 44,000 words in, and I’ve thought of a good last sentence too! I am thinking of doing a post of an aesthetic for my whole book. Would you be interested in that?


I got more crocheting done in August than I did in July. I made a some things to enter in my county fair, and a few halter tops done too!

Other stuff

Like I said, I’m writing this on the 19th of August and I’m scheduling it to post on Sep 1st. I also scheduled the last few posts before this, and actually wrote them today. I’m going to go to visit some relatives, and go to my uncle’s wedding. I can’t wait! I hope you have a beautiful day! ❤️