A Bookworm’s Life by Becky

Hey! This is a poem I thought of the other day. I just started writing because I was bored, and it turned into a poem. Hope you enjoy it!

A Bookworm’s Life by Becky

They make you angry, they make you mad.

They make you happy, as well as sad.

They can make your heart whole, or break it in half.

Make you scream in rage, sob, and even laugh.

There’s the shocking betrayals, and the huge plot twists.

The moments that make you clench your fists.

But there are moments of joy, of true happiness.

Like when the main character and love interest finally kiss.

And then the pain that follows, when your favorite character dies.

After throwing the book, you just sit there and cry.

Then you turn the page, and you see it’s the last.

And you deeply regret having read it so fast.

Then you savor every word of this last scene.

And you slam the book shut, wanting to scream.

Because you can’t wait a whole year for the next part.

The sequel that’s guaranteed to break your heart.

I hope you enjoyed reading this poem. Is it relatable? Have a great day!