Perfect Crochet Projects for Summer!

Hey everyone! Sorry that this is a day late, but in today’s post, I’ll share some of my favorite summer crochet patterns! When most people think of crocheting, they think of things like blankets, hats, scarves, mittens, etc. But there are plenty of good crochet patterns that you can make in the summer! In this post, I’ll share 20 of my favorites!


Some of my favorite things to crochet are clothing, tops mostly, because they are so fun to make and they look so cute! Here are five of my favorites!

#1 Simple Summer Tee Pattern by Hooked on Homemade Happiness

I made this with the Comfy Cotton Blend yarn, and I think it turned out very well! This is a perfect top for wearing with some shorts or plain leggings, and it would look very nice with a tank top underneath!

#2 Sea Breeze Tank Top Pattern by For the Frills

This was such a nice pattern. It was the first ever top that I made, and I think it turned out very well. I used the Coboo yarn, which is a bamboo and cotton blend yarn. The bamboo gives it a lot of drape. The pattern was very easy to follow, good for beginners.

#3 Babydoll Tee Pattern by Hooked on Homemade Happiness

I made this top for my mom for mother’s day, and it turned out so cute! Very easy pattern to follow, and I also used the Comfy Cotton Blend yarn for this top. I think that this top looks so cute with the top part more…I don’t know what the word is. But, anyways, I love how the finished top looks like! So cute!

#4 The Charlie Tank Pattern by Evelyn and Peter Crochet

I am working on making this top, but I haven’t finished it yet. I’m using the Comfy Cotton Blend yarn (again, lol) and it’s working out pretty well so far! I love how this pattern looks, and it would go very well with a pair of shorts.

#5 Mara Crochet Kimono Pattern by Easy Crochet

I think that this pattern looks so pretty! I think that it would work as a bathing suit cover up, but you could also wear it over a pair of jean shorts and a t-shirt or in the winter, you could wear it over a pair of jeans or leggings and a long sleeved shirt! Love this pattern! And guess what yarn I used? Comfy Cotton Blend! I got a big box of old yarn from one of my mom’s friends who used to crochet. There was a lot of this yarn in there. Love it for summer projects!


Washcloths are one of my favorite projects. They are small projects and you can finish one in about 15 minutes usually. They are also a good way to practice different stitches. To make washcloths, using cotton is usually best. Lily Sugar’n Cream yarn is one of my favorites! They would also be a perfect gift. You can make a set and give it to someone with some nice soap or bath salts. Or, if you want to keep them, they are very practical patterns. Here are 5 of my favorite washcloth patterns.

#6 Textured Crochet Washcloth Pattern Tutorial – Sprig Stitch by Melanie Ham

I love how these look! The stitch is so pretty. I love how textured this washcloth is! Super easy instructions, and a very pretty result!

#7 C2C Washcloth Pattern by Eye Love Knots

I love how C2C (corner to corner) looks! This is more of an advanced beginner pattern, but it is a good first C2C pattern. Easy pattern to follow, and a charming result!

#7 Bobble Stripe Dishcloth Pattern by 5 Little Monsters

I love the bobble stitch! It looks so fun and textured! Easy pattern to follow!

#8 Beginner Washcloth Pattern by Melanie Ham

Another pattern by Melanie Ham, this one’s more for beginners. It’s such an easy pattern. I love how it looks too. I would definitely recommend this pattern for anyone who is a beginner, because it just uses chains and single crochets.

#9 Reusable Face Scrubby Pattern by Sarah Maker

I love making these reusable crochet face scrubbies! They can be used instead of cotton pads or a facial washcloth. They also don’t use much yarn, so you can use up some of your cotton scraps to make these face scrubbies!

#10 Round Dish Scrubby Pattern by Midwestern Moms

I love the Scrubby yarn! It can make very nice dish scrubbies that only take about ten minutes to work up. And with just one skein of this yarn, you can make several scrubbies! Love this pattern! I made about twenty in one day in this pretty robins egg blue color of Lily Sugar’n Cream yarn.


Lately, I have been so into making keychains! I got a big pack of metal keyrings and found a lot of patterns I love! Here are three of them!

#11 Mini Donut Pattern by Hello Yellow Yarn

Yum! We all love donuts, right? Well, actually no. I don’t like them. But these little crocheted donuts look so yummy! Although this is just a pattern for a mini donut, it would be easy to add a little keyring!

#12 Ice Cream Keychain Pattern by The Friendly Red Fox

These mini ice cream cones are great for putting on your keys, on a purse or backpack, or you can just make the little ice cream cones without the keyrings! Perfect ice cream pattern for summer too!

#13 Watermelon Keychain Crochet Pattern by One Dog Wolf

Another perfect keychain for summer!

Other things!

Here are a few more patterns that I love for the summer!

#14 Bracelet with Adjustable Clasp Pattern by Sweet Softies

I love these crochet bracelets! They are very cute, and with the clasp, you can make them fit different sizes! I used some Lily Sugar’n Cream yarn to make these bracelets, but next time, I might use some DK yarn or a lighter weight.

#15 Sunflower Granny Square by Melanie Ham

I love these sunflower granny squares! They are so good for summer, and there are so many things to make with granny squares: blankets, purses, scarves, pillows, and more! Here is a very helpful post about ideas for using granny squares by The Spruce Crafts!

#16 Daisy Granny Square Pattern by Melanie Ham

I love this pattern as well! These daisies might look more like a spring thing, but I still think that you could make them in the summer!

#17 Market Bag by Two of Wands

This is a good pattern to use up some cotton yarn!

#18 Two Hour Tote Pattern by Daisy Cottage Designs

Love this pattern! It is so cute!

#19 Baby Flip Flop Pattern by Whistle and Ivy

These are so cute! I love them so much! The pattern is pretty easy to follow, so if you know anyone who’s just had a baby? These would be perfect to give at a baby shower!

#20 Star Flower Pattern by Whistle and Ivy

I saved this one for last because it’s one of my favorites! They just look so pretty. You can put them on your porch, or on an outside deck or patio! So pretty!

. . .

So, I hope this was a helpful post if you are planning on crocheting any summer projects! Please comment which pattern you like the most! Are you going to make any?